T Cards Online simple features means it couldn’t be easier to pick up and adapt to

The simplicity and clarity of the T-Card system makes it one of the best business tools to help keep track, allocate and improve efficiency.

All the features and benefits of a traditional T-Card system are here, PLUS additional features that can be realized using an Online System.


T Cards Online is a cloud based solution. Clear simple & Precise, enables multiple users to have quick access to the information they need. Remote access enables more than one user to access that information at any one time. With "live" data any changes are immediate. Any user can refresh their browser to see the updated situation. All historical data can be maintained, so it can be copied and reused at a later date.

"Try the simple drag & drop functionality by dragging the card above"

Basic Features

  • Drag and Drop technology enables users to move and use data quickly and efficiently
  • Different colours can be used to show different types of tasks
  • Copy function allows data to be re-used for regular tasks
  • Date range function allows cards to be allocated over several columns
  • Choice from Date or Bespoke boards
  • The top heading can be changed to suit your requirements
  • Additional indexes can be added to the sides of the boards
  • T-Cards can be transferred between more than board
  • Each user action is recorded

Additional Standard features with the standard setup:

T Board features:

  • The system is set up with a weekly (7 columns) and annual T Board (12 columns).
  • With the standard system you can have up to 5 different boards.
  • Configure your boards with the Bespoke option
  • Boards can be made up to 25 columns wide and 100 slots deep (2500 slots per board!)
  • Side headings or tabs can be used to identify a side index.
  • Define the number of slots per heading.

T Card Features:

  • Tailored T Cards can be easily created with your own defined fields building your own database.
  • Calculated fields can be used for equations, to show dates, times and lists.
  • Field totals can be showed at the top of each column.
  • T Cards can be emailed directly from the site
  • Set up alarms with changing colours / email alerts or flashing T Cards
  • Signals /Flags can be used to highlight defined circumstances
  • Attach file links to your card.

Admin features:

  • Data can be easily imported and exported using HTML files
  • User Permissions can be defined by the administrator.
  • Permit users to see limited T Boards / colours
  • Timeline backups can be taken of boards or the complete system
  • Separate, System and T Card historical log for accountability

Our whole operation for managing work flow is much more efficient, the T Cards system is certainly freeing up time to devote to developing our business.

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